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  1. Thanks CCleaner Team for the update. I understand the challenges, but from a user side it is also weird, when your 64bit installation of an app gets overwritten by a 32bit installation without any notice. Especially if you don't have an a eye on this all the time. Maybe as some food for thought: You could check the PE-Header of the executable for the IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_AMD64 in the "Machine Type" section to recognize if the installed binary like "vlc.exe" is a 64bit executable or 32bit executable. Another option would be to ask the user actively if he would prefer the 64bit or 32bit release. But please see that just as some personal ideas. BTW: I really like CCleaner and I am using it already for years. Thanks for the good work.
  2. I have the 64bit releases of VLC and Notepad++ installed. With every release update CCleaner reports to update the VLC and Notepad++ 32bit version. What can I do to make sure CCleaner is checking the write architecture release of the software? Thank you
  3. The same problem occurs with the Wacom Bamboo tablet. Could it be, that the forced Mouse HID driver update is the source of issue?
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