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  1. Thanks, all is fixed. Yesterday I spent 8 hours trying to get my dual screens back. No restore points after using cc. This morning I turned on computer and I ran restore from win. I found a restore point from 6/10/21. It worked. I have been using cc since it was crap cleaner. a long time. yesterday i ran the driver updater. it removed my drivers, my restore points in win and inside cc. no error messages like listed above. dual screen disabled and non functioning. I found about 50 solutions on line. the last one from last night must have worked. turn off system command for fast launch and a couple other commands. it worked this morning. I had restore point and got up and running. all fixed, thanks.
  2. I used new version of cc with driver removal option. It removed my drivers, restore points, checkpoints for restoring. Most important it removed windows dual screen capability. I am stuck using small laptop screen. I spent 8 hours yesterday trying all options on net to reverse and or fix what ccleaner did to my laptop. can you help me. windows 10 and everything current. been using cc since the beginning.
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