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  1. On an HP Pavilion laptop 15-cw1063wm, with one HDD and one SSD (the SSD, with 4 partitions), I plan to install a NU/Linux distribution on the SSD, for which it is recommended: 1- Defragment the disk (in this case, the SSD). I clarify that this defragmentation (of the SSD) I would do it only this time. 2- Resize the occupied partitions, so that one is completely free and of the largest possible size. 3- In that free partition, install the NU/Linux distribution, which should be done like this: 3a- Create a partition '/ root', where NU/Linux will be installed; 3b- Create a second partition: 'swap', as swap memory; 3c- Create a third partition: '/ home', equivalent to 'Documents and settings' in Windows. On the other hand, the HDD is shared by both platforms (Windows 10 and NU/Linux) and contains the files created by the user. Can you, please, tell me how to use Defraggler?; what care should I have? I await your instructions and recommendations. Thanks.
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