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  1. @bemused59 .. There's a limit to my acceptance as well but for now still hoping for the best. Fully understand your position
  2. @MeganCCleaner thank you, no worries. Just seemed as if Dave couldn't get past the AVG I'll keep an eye on my inbox
  3. @MeganCCleaner is this topic still open or is it no longer?
  4. @Dave CCleaner @MeganCcleaner Is there any news yet?
  5. Hello Dave, I was awaiting contact through my mailbox as Megan suggested hence the delay.. version
  6. Me hope so too, bemused59, and when they do I hope it benefits you as well. I will post updates wether improvements or not.
  7. Hello MeganCCleaner, yes they can, please. Bare with would i not respond right away since GMT+2 here. I understand how Kamo performs it's duty but this would quite likely stun you. I have to wonder wether anyone at CCleaner has simply tried it for themselves, easily done. I appreciate slightly lesser performance due to thorough scanning/protecting etc. but not 10-20 seconds to fully load a page, foto etc.. browsing on Google Chrome? But as said I'm open to support?contact if only it concludes something to help me decide on keeping Kamo running and helps others experiencing the same/scimilar problems.
  8. Hello, I'm experiencing exactly the same. Last week, right after installing the same renewall package with Speccy, Defraggler, Kamo and Recuva, anything I browse or open using Chrome as a browser has gone unbelievably slow.. reminds me of the telephone modem days. I like classsic things but this truly makes me wanto to de-install everything. I also run a paid AVG antivirus version, didn't speed life up either, but have accepted this hesitantly. I haven't yet de-installed Kamo to see the difference but did think this part of the installation was the culprit. Tried the newegg.com page just to try and won't open either. Using Edge Chromium i experience the normal browsing/flicking speed I'm used to. Since the CC cleaner package, Kamo at least, does not seem to like having relations with Google Chrome, is it better advised to not use them together? It would mean not using the CCcleaner product(s) because I prefer using Crome. Quite disappointed after purchassing this package. Thanks in advance for replies, advice
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