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  1. I probably wouldn't have minded if I got one or two reminders a week or two before my license expired. But as I stated these annoying popups and emails started with 8 weeks remaining and I have been getting them every week since so I would disagree that it's an infrequent notice. In my opinion piriform is spamming my desktop and email inbox and so I've decided not to renew and to let my ccleaner license expire. Tell your marketing team that their compromise cost them a paying customer.
  2. I still have almost 60 days until my current pro license expires but for the past few weeks I have been getting annoying popups every few days on my desktop to renew my ccleaner pro license. Is there any way to shut this annoying thing off. I'm not sure if anyone at Piriform reads the community forum messages but if they do here's an FYI - this popup is an annoyance and does absolutely nothing to entice me to renew my license. If anything its pi$$ing me off to the point where I'm considering uninstalling the software and finding an alternative.
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