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  1. I configure CCleaner to keep my system up to date and I notice that on each run you ignore my settings. I specifically demand NOT to clean my cookies and every run your crap removes the m just because I don't uncheck your option EVRY TIME I RUN YOUR SCAN. I PAY YOUR WAGR SO I SHOULD DETELMINE WHICH FEATURES I WANT TO HAVE ENABLED AND WHICH OPTION NOT TO USE. NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you still think YOU own my machine and MY setting, just let me knwo and I will gladly REMOVE your software and move to REAL business software. How hard is it to keep user settings when performing you quick scan, THERE IS A REASON WHY I UNCHECK YOUR SINCE THER ISN ONLY A "ALL OR NOTHING" OPTION!!!!!!
  2. When I have chrome open and start the cleaning, I get teh message "cannot close THE application". I closed chrome and the message remains. also the message is unclear, what is THE program? better would be replaceing THe with the real application name. also: when the application is closed, stop the message from popping up, now I don't know if THE app is chrome or another app I have running
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