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  1. I was able to successfully install the "Slim" version. I ran the program, cleaned out a few things, and then uninstalled it. I then tried to install (again) "CCsetup580.exe" (free version) and had the same result (can't run, can't find, can't uninstall). I reinstalled the "slim" version and I will stick with it. Thanks for your assisstance
  2. I am using Windows Defender FYI - I am running CC c5.77.8521 on another Win10 machine with no issues
  3. I am using Windows 10. I downloaded and installed "CCsetup580.exe" (free version). The installation seemed to progress normally. Following installation, CCleaner did not appear in the "Programs list", nor could it be found using "Search". There is no folder for CCleaner in the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86) folders. CCleaner DOES APPEAR in the "Settings/Apps & features" list however when I try to uninstall it, I receive an error message "Windows cannot find "en\uninst.exe" I can't find the program, run it, or delete it. Any help would be appreciate
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