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  1. Sorry for the absence. I went on vacation. I played a game tonight, experienced the issue again, and remembered to check this thread. I paid attention to it more this time and it does appear to be triggered when Razer Cortex begins its "restoring memory" function. @MeganCCleaner This appeared to have worked for me. I did have "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" and I had one scheduled task related to CCleaner. I disable both. I then retried all 3 of the games mentioned in my previous post as a test. Razer Cortex did its thing and CCleaner did NOT open as describ
  2. I am also having issues with this. I created an account just to chime in. I have been using CCleaner for a very long time and this past week is the first time I have seen this. Like others have stated, the application windows opens up every time a game closes. It happens with Steam games, Epic Games, and games with standalone installs. It doesn't seem to happen with all applications though. Closing Chrome, Blender, and various other applications does not trigger it. Most recently, I have closed Rogue Company (Epic Games Launcher), Hell Let Loose (Steam Launcher), and Escape f
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