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  1. I tried doing both a deep scan and a normal scan in the recycle bin and while both said they were recovering hundreds of thousands of files, they ultimately returned nothing EXCEPT for the first one. I also very little experience doing stuff likes this, and I'm not sure what some of those terms like $R or MFT mean. Remember, this is after I rebooted the PC. And it only seems to return stuff when I cut it short, and the only stuff it does recover either lacks a preview or has one and is old browser cache data that the browser automatically clears, such as people profile icons on various sites.
  2. I actually deleted a very important picture along with several others screenshots and emptied the recycle bin not knowing it was in there with the other stuff. Me and my dad have used Recuva for years, but I don't fully understand what it's capable of. The first time I did a scan I did a deep scan for all pictures in the recycle bin but after realizing it was going to take way too long I canceled it in a few seconds, but when I did it still brought back thousands of pictures. I don't know how that's possible in just a few seconds. It included stuff from old browser data that I'd never saved, l
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