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  1. Thank you for your kind view point. I absolutely agree that there is never a state of complete defrag as windows begins writing files. I have 2 interesting points to make. 1-In the old days of Norton a defrag in W3 was a single choice and it didn't take that long and it looked like it did consolidation except it was only called defrag. No one told me we now have a "consolidation" aspect. As I recall defrag once was good enough as a 2nd time was a waste of time on a 3 megabyte disk. 2-For fun I did the File defrag 6 times and each time it got shorter till the process took less than a minute. Then I rebooted and did file defrag again about 8 times. At the start it took several minutes while I wondered where did all the defrag come from after reboot. But again the process wound down to less than a minute. My point being that the old days of doing once and being done are gone. But defrag a few times may help and then -like you say- you and I defrag waaay more than necessary. My disk performance is always more responsive after defrag which is the whole goal. I can hardly wait till I get a SSD for really fast response in defrag and opening apps.
  2. Thank you - I didn't know defrag had 2 flavors. I will use the file defrag vs consolidation. Suggest better description of this difference since it was there all the time and I never knew it. Perhaps a button called "Defrag-files" and a "Learn more" button so people like me won't assume "Defrag" means "Defrag-files" only. Again many thanks.
  3. Why after the first run of defraggler the result says 3 fragmented files and 3% fragmentation. Then upon immediate restart there really is 40+ fragmented files and up to 8% fragmentation. I repeat this up to 5 times and finally the restart fragmentation percentage matches the end of the previous run fragmentation percentage. I'm running this on a i7 laptop with W10. Is there a way to defrag once and be done?
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