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  1. Because the Revo Uninstaller can wastes hard drive memory and slows down your computer after installing. I want to add the leftover cleaning and forced uninstall feature in the Uninstaller of CCleaner
  2. The CCleaner Uninstaller feature needs add more features, such as: -Forced Uninstall: Remove stubborn files and folders after uninstalling a program -Leftover Scanner: After a program has been uninstalled successfully, the CCleaner will scan your PC for leftovers files, folders and registry entries after uninstalling -Batch and Multi Program Uninstall Support -Create a Restore Point before uninstalling (You can turn on or off this feature) -Install Monitor: Monitor installation for files, folders and registry changes when installing a program
  3. The Software Updater feature in CCleaner need check all software installed on your PC, then using the improved database to update outdated software, including Google Chrome, Foxit Reader, Microsoft .NET Framework and more. Also, you can restore it if any unwanted changes are made by Software Updater.
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