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  1. Thanks for the info. I see what you mean. I just tried deleting an Excel file ran Recuva and it found the file but was confused about what type of file it was. It recovered it a a Word file??
  2. Hi, Yes it is on the USB. On the hard drive it's NTFS. The coding is ANSI if that helps. I've also tried saving it to the hard drive too but the result is the same.
  3. As a test I created a document in Notepad. The only words in it were one - 'Test'. I then saved the document to a USB and ran Recuva immediately not using the deep scan. The response was - Unrecoverable - ' This file is overwritten with "E:\BACKUP\x64\sources\boot.wim". I've tried the same test before using the deep scan. The result was the same. Any ideas? I'm running W7 Home on a Desktop.
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