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  1. Babaluc


    I come back to my first post, where I was shocked by the presence of suspicious software in Kamo's directory. I come back to my criticism which was unfounded, and I apologize for my misinterpretation. Kamo works mafnificantly and is very efficient in his surveillance work. I recommand it.
  2. Babaluc


    Thank you for your prompt response. Indeed the total virus test is negative on ekag20nt.exe located in the Kamo directory. However, you should warn your customers that this version of the program is safe. Indeed, on the link https://www.file.net/process/ekag20nt.exe.html, this program is considered 42% dangerous. Other links received after Google search on this program consider it to be risky, and to watch out for, a link describing it as a keylogger. You can understand that after my bad experience with Avast and especially with the Avast Antitrack Premium utility, there was reasons to wonder, Kamo strongly resembling Avast Antitrack Premium. Also knowing that your company has been taken over by Avast. So I resinstall Kamo on my computer, and I'll use it with caution.
  3. Babaluc


    Hello, I am a very old Ccleaner user, and I have always been very satisfied with this application. Last week I bought Ccleaner Pro Plus + Kamo. After installing Kamo, I was shocked to find EKAG20NT.exe software in its directory intended to spy on my keyboard. This application is an application from Avast, which I previously had on my PC, which also contained two spyware. I have since deleted any Avast application. I must tell you that I am very shocked by this way of doing things, you are criminals selling computer protection containing spyware. I will continue to use Ccleaner, but I will scan each update to see if you are installing s**t on my PC. I will also report your culpable behavior on social media and computer forums.
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