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  1. Thanks John, very much appreciated. I'll have a look at LastPass. All the best, John
  2. Hi John, Thanks for your prompt reply. I understand. For the moment, I can look up my passwords in ByePass in Firefox and then use them in Ccleaner and the built in password rememberer will save them.. I will take it up with Iolo and check every so often in Ccleaner. All the best, John
  3. Hi, Hi, I have just installed the browser fromCcleaner on my Windows 10 computer. It is based on Chrome, so I thought that I would be able to install the ByePass pasword manager on to it. I cannot find a way of doing that. I have looked in the Chrome extensions page but cannot find ByePass and a search does not find it. I have opened System Mechanic which includes ByePass tells me that I have it installed in Firefox and Chrome but gives me no option to install in Ccleaner. I also have it installed in Microsoft Edge but System Mechanic does not mention that on my dashboard. I do hope that you can help me on this Byepass contains all my passwords. Thanks, John
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