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  1. It's hard to predict this behavior apparently. The fact that it re-occurred and even changed after an update is however quite interesting and I'll try to take a look at it again with this in mind. lil.log is a license component log, you can ignore that one. Thank you! Maybe delete the old logs once in a while, so that they don't take up your space. A new log file is created every time CCleaner runs (with the /debug argument).
  2. Hi @cphisher, I was going to ask you for those logs but you were faster. CCleaner doesn't create logs by default, this needs to be explicitly enabled. To do that, could you please run CCleaner with a "/debug" argument? You can either: Run CCleaner from the command line ('CCleaner64.exe /debug' from the folder where it is installed) Or create a shortcut and add the argument to the target like this (and then run CCleaner using this shortcut): The log will be created in the CCleaner install folder. May I please ask you to get that log and send it t
  3. Thank you both for the links, one of them slipped my attention before. Interestingly, the user in that thread reports that he gets duplicate items almost every time
  4. Hello @cphisher, I'm a member of the CCleaner development team and it would be very helpful if you could provide us with some additional information about the issue. Could you please try to answer the following questions? Are the duplicates in the rules tree on the left displayed also without running the analysis, or do they appear only after the analysis has finished? Did you visit some other screens (Health Check, Registry,...) before navigating to the Custom Clean? What have you set as your home screen (Options - Settings - CCleaner Home Screen)? Are you using a
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