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  1. So I got a year subscription last year. I turned off the Auto Renewal around January so it didn't charge me while I wasn't prepared. I got an email on 4/6/2021 about it automatically renewing my service and charging me. Mind you my actual Subscription doesn't end until 4/21/2021. So I was charged nearly 2 weeks early, on a renewal I had already cancelled. I went into my account settings, and sure enough Renewal was still on. I de-activated renewal again, but it keeps saying it's on auto renew. To top it off, when I look at my account information, it says I have no new subscription and that it ends in 9 days. 1) Why was I charged 2 weeks in advance to my subscription actually ending? 2) Why is the auto-renewal function not able to be turned off? Am I able to get a refund for this or get my bank to cancel it? 3) Why if I was charged, my subscription still ends in 9 days?
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