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  1. Thanks for registering it as a v6 suggestion, much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for both suggestions. I've just tried both, but none of them have actually changed the appearence of the GUI. Regarding ccleaner.ini, as far as I understand, this file is a substitution for the HKCU entries, but not for the HKLM "(Cfg)" keys. Note: I fully understand that HKLM keys are not documented, hence not officially supported. I'm just surprised that those undocumented HKLM keys are not taken account for non-admin users.
  3. Dear CCleaner support & community, I've recently tried adding a few following registry keys, so that I could hide software update, health check and quick clean modules. The reason is, I want to prevent users (especially non-admn users) from updating software by themselves and screwing up their system. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Piriform\CCleaner] "(Cfg)HealthCheck"="0" "(Cfg)HealthCheckIpm"="0" "(Cfg)QuickClean"="0" "(Cfg)QuickCleanIpm"="0" "(Cfg)SoftwareUpdater"="0" "(Cfg)SoftwareUpdaterIpm"="0" This setup works as expected for the administrative users. See
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