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  1. Thank you nukecad. I will give your suggestions a try. Jim
  2. I recently reinstalled Ccleaner Browser because the Ad Blocker was not working . I was able to reinstall and the Ad Blocker was working again. Now it has stopped working again. Can someone figure out what causes the Ad Blocker to stop working. I'm not a computer Geek. I only know just enough to get in trouble. Thank you in advance. Jim
  3. Nuecad, Today I ran CCleaner and restarted the PC. Then turned off all AV and Firewalls and attempted to download the Browser. Success !!!! I'm back up and running. Thank you for your help. Jim
  4. Nukecad, I did restart the PC. I then disabled all av's and firewall, proceeded to download browser and still received the same message. Thank you for your reply. Jim
  5. I had CCleaner Browser installed on my PC. I had a problem with the ad blocker not blocking ads. I seen where is said to uninstall and then reinstall. So I did that. But when I tried to reinstall I get this message "Failed to retrieve configuration settings. Please check your internet connection." I'am stumped by that message. My internet connection is working or I would not be writing this. Thanks in advance for your help Jim
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