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  1. "run ccleaner with uac permission"? I sort of came to that conclusion, it would make sense--about adding users from the admin account (Windows 10). thanks Nergal! I'll give it a go, but I may still have a problem...so I may be back soon in a day or so.
  2. Maybe I missed something on the main website; and upgraded to CCleanerPro, however, I installed it directly on the User account I was using. Dumb question; do I need a separate installation--and separate multiple payments--to put it on all accounts? Or does it work for all users if I install on the admin account? I see there's a page in the program to include users, but I tried selecting Options>Users>All Users; and it won't change from "Current User Only". Or should I just uninstall and reinstall on the Admin account? I have recently upgraded to Pro, so maybe I was in a hurry that day and just installed on the User account. Seems a simple solution, but any help appreciated... M
  3. Thank you; I'll give it a whirl soon. I'm not really hip to registry tinkering, but on the face of it, there seems enough information to get me going. I may return if I have a problem, and thanyou both for the tips. M
  4. I recently installed Waterfox, and when I opened the cleaner, it was not listed in the list of items to be cleaned, along with my other three browsers. Can it be added, or does ccleaner--free version--only recognize the ones more people use? Thanks... Marc455
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