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  1. Well, the issue has resolved itself, as it has in the past--just took weeks longer this time. No more constant restarting and blue screen. Very grateful. . .until next update. . .
  2. Thanks nukecad. I went through the WIN 10 Update & Security page's Help button and asked for them to call me--wait time was about 23 minutes. If those were scammers, Microsoft has a serious problem! There was no payment asked for nor funds exchanged--if there were, I wouldn't have done it. Thank you for the link to others who may be able to help.
  3. Thank you to all the suggestions. FYI, the first Microsoft tech did go in and update all drivers and the bios. I will try everything suggested, but if nothing works I'd rather just keep logging back on every time I want to use the computer rather than going through the pain of re-installing WIN 10. Thanks again!
  4. For the past couple of years, whenever a WIN 10 update is applied, my Dell desktop will reboot when stop using it and leave it on. Annoying, but it has always fixed itself in a few days. . .until now it's happening continuously. The blue screen error message I get is "Stop code: PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA". Last week I had two lenghty sessions with Microsoft WIN techs who connected remotely and investigated the problem. They concluded that CCleaner was the problem. Has anyone else experienced this? How to fix it, without re-installing WIN 10??? Thanks.
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