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  1. What a load of rubbish. Its like a dryer catching fire is it lol? And you're a moderator? You were the one suggesting using an older version. Never mind. There are plenty of other erasers out there
  2. I have been using CC cleaner for 3 years and have had no problems at all and in any case the data itself on the drive is backed up and in any case non critical. Where would I be able to download an earlier version? V5.77
  3. Thank you for your reply. Are their any options or another version downloadable that I can clean free space? I have never had any problems.
  4. I installed the free version of CC cleaner a few months ago. I have never been able to clean free space on my computer drives (Windows 10) but have always been able to wipe free space on flash cards etc. Has something changed or has a trial period expired or something? I haven't changed any settings to my knowledge
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