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  1. Thnx for reply I followed mentioned steps but it turned out that Android System Webview was already turned OFF! And I cant turn it on... And I can not turn it on, hence iai can not remove update. But i doubt this is cause. I used "TIPS" from cccleaner (never did before) and then apps started to crash. And I did not updates Chrome as I dont use that browser on my gsm I removed updates gmail and now finally gmail is working (i had to do that several times) When is ccleaner going to fix the bug in "Tips"?!
  2. me too and same phone gmail, samsung texts, weather app and some samsung related apps keep crashing
  3. Also Samsung notes keeps crashing, nothing to do with internet
  4. Never had any problem, till I updated ccleaner and run it and additional did item tips After that gmail, browser, several other app crash. Even Playstore For Gmail I removed updates but it works for short time and crashes again. Als "feedback ... market (?) Crasht (dont know what it is) And briefing crasht (that one I turned off) I removed ccleaner How to fix my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy a5 2017) See examples attached
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