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  1. Okay, I got it done. I suspect the the root of the problem was that for some reason the registration page was malfunctioning yesterday for me. I say this because I could not Copy and Paste from the email. I tried three times (went to the registration page three separate times) and it would not let me paste so I had to enter the code and my name three times manually. I double checked the spelling of my name repeatedly but it always came back that the name was wrong. Today, it let me Copy and Paste and that was the end of the problem. Thanks for the response. Sorry if I was brusk but I was very
  2. I am trying to activate my new license and it keeps telling me that the name I entered is not the same as the one in the email. IT IS THE SAME!!! EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! I ENTERED IT THREE TIMES EXACTLY THE SAME AS IN THE EMAIL AND THE SAME CRAP. FIX YOUR DAMN COMPUTER SO I CAN GET WHAT I PAID FOR. AND COME UP WITH SOME WAY TO ACTUALLY REACH A PERSON: CHAT, TEXT, PHONE.
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