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  1. That's reassuring, db702. Good to know it wasn't a hallucination. Contacted their support, got pretty much no help. "Are you using a VPN? No? Must be some extension, then..." Was hoping their support might know something... or at least want to work with me on finding a solution."
  2. Couldn't find this specific issue in here, thought I'd post it and maybe get an answer. Re-upped my subscription to CCleaner the other day, took advantage of the option to add Speccy / Defraggler / Kamo to test drive them. Since installing all of them, pages in Chrome have been very slow to open. I have Chrome open with a half-dozen tabs... and it takes forever to open them now. Same holds true for new tabs I open with other programs. I've tried whitelisting the main ones in the Kamo Settings menu, no effect. And, for some reason, I cannot get newegg.com to display at all. The
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