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  1. Perhaps they're getting better. I only know for sure that when I contacted them directly, I got one reply -- that ignored much of the info I provided in my original email -- and nothing more when I responded. Others in this forum have reported similar experiences. I will refrain from sowing discontent among new posters here, though -- sorry for my snark this AM.
  2. Your choice if you want to follow Laurence's advice, LtdEd. Just keep in mind that they have provided ZERO actual help to any of us on this thread. Just the cookie-cutter message above... followed by crickets.
  3. Camperman... I keep hoping -- since you got a flicker of acknowledgement from these guys -- that you might get a useful answer to the question I posted three months ago. I'm sorry (for both of us, and db702) that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm thinking I'm going to end my 20+ year relationship with CCleaner, stop sending 'em my money if this is the kind of support they provide for products I can, literally, duplicate for free.
  4. MeganCCleaner... I hope your support team provides Camperman better answers than I got when I first contacted them, months ago (see original post on this thread). Who knows? Maybe they've learned something since March...?
  5. That's reassuring, db702. Good to know it wasn't a hallucination. Contacted their support, got pretty much no help. "Are you using a VPN? No? Must be some extension, then..." Was hoping their support might know something... or at least want to work with me on finding a solution."
  6. Couldn't find this specific issue in here, thought I'd post it and maybe get an answer. Re-upped my subscription to CCleaner the other day, took advantage of the option to add Speccy / Defraggler / Kamo to test drive them. Since installing all of them, pages in Chrome have been very slow to open. I have Chrome open with a half-dozen tabs... and it takes forever to open them now. Same holds true for new tabs I open with other programs. I've tried whitelisting the main ones in the Kamo Settings menu, no effect. And, for some reason, I cannot get newegg.com to display at all. The page loads... displays for a couple of seconds... and then goes blank. I uninstalled Kamo, and the problems disappeared. How can I get the best of both worlds -- Kamo to help protect my online presence, but still be able to have web pages load quickly / at all. Any help is appreciated.
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