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  1. Not only are the files slightly different (maybe as little as a Star rating), but checking the content of all (e.g. 500,000) the very large files on Drive K would take too much time, especially for a muti-file cleanup. Thanks for your interest.
  2. First, if there's a tutorial for using Duplicate Finder I'd gladly read through it, if someone could direct me. Especially regarding the use of the wildcard character (*) in the search criteria. I'd greatly appreciate the direction. Next, here is what I'd like to do. By way of example, say I have 100 photos in a folder on Drive C - let's call this folder "Able" because sometimes this "source" folder may be on a different drive. I want to search for duplicates and similarly-named files among 500,000 photos on Drive K. Often one photo will have several similar filenames. Examples: IMG_1234-v01.jpg, IMG_1234-v02.jpg, IMG_1234.psd. In these cases there is always a core number of four digits (e.g. 1234) that uniquely identifies a single photo even if there are multiple variations. I'd like to find the variations, which of course aren't duplicates, but it's the variations that help me decide which files to move and which to delete. I have tried with no success in using wildcards in the Include tab within the Search dialog. Examples: IMG_1234*.jpg, IMG_1234.*, *1234.jpg, *1234*.jpg Finally, let me add, I don't want to find duplicates that only exist on Drive K: there are many for various reasons. I only want to find those on K: that also exist in Able. I'm running CC Pro v5.77 (latest) and Windows 10 Home (latest version). And, No, Windows' search is not a pleasant option for what I need to do. That you have read this far is appreciated! Frank Here's hoping this makes sense.
  3. Duplicate Finder: It would be helpful (to me at least) if the displayed list of duplicate files would include the Modified Date, especially considering Modified Date is a search criteria (criterion?). As I deal with many photo files, I often want to base my decision to retain/delete on when files are modified.
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