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    Driver Updates

    I have updated a lot of drivers, and encountered different issues, and this, I think is the best advice
  2. First of all, I am not making an arguments. Secondly, I was just trying to give a simple answer that I think is understandable for someone who never used FF before . Yes, IE8 "beta" has some new optimizations, but remember FF3 RC is still under development. As for IE7 having protected mode on Vista and FF doesn't, while this statement might be true for some that running Windows Vista, but not for those running Windows XP.
  3. Because Firefox is fast, reliable and more secure than Internet Explorer, and maybe other browsers. I like to use Safari.
  4. When it comes to Linux some people seemed to have problems with their drivers the most. I like Humpty's way, and you can always fix your bootloader if it get corrupted. To answer Stefan Markic's question, I agreed because I use windows as my primary OS even though I have some linux distros installed .
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    Which To Buy

    You should definitely go with netgear(my opinion), i heard a lot of good stuff about it compared to other routers.
  6. The best way is to go to the manufacture's site. You will not able to find one that free. Driver genuine pro or Driver magician is popular but you have to pay.
  7. If you know how good geforce 8800 then you should have an idea about the radeon HD3870. Radeon Hd 3870 Is obviously better than Radeon X1950 Pro in performance, heat, etc... But I don't understand why you would want to upgrade it though, Radeon X1950pro is not that old and is a good graphic card.
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    CDBurner XP

    I don't think you able to find it though. Why don't you use ashampoo 6, it is free. Even the lastest cdburnerxp got glitches.
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    CDBurner XP

    I don't even know if there was one that didn't require .Net framework, and if there was I don't think you can find it.
  10. I recommend you buy Windows Vista, it wont be that bad after SP1. You can probably choose to have Windows XP installed on your laptop if you customize your own parts.
  11. I don't know, Hackers can write spywares and viruses that antivirus , antispyware etc... never detect.
  12. So does it works? It be great if it is right?
  13. Universal boot sequence? I don't know about that but it definitely help if you put the HD first because it helps load faster a bit. Most PC now has specific key if you need to boot from CD so you can put that one at the bottom .
  14. I don't know much about mac but after looking through your wishlist i would go with 802.x because it seems likely to be the problem.Another thing you should know about network stuff is they don't get a lot of upgrade, only upgrade the one you sure is causing the problem. May be it not the network thing but some glitches that need to be update.
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