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  1. I'll try all that. I always have everything backed up onto my portable SSD. Once bitten...Thanks
  2. In checking the session storage, it is empty. "Debbie" is the Admin. The ony other User is "Public"
  3. OK, so, nothing worked and we're up to 62 trackers remaining. My Laptop is running extremely slow now, though, with "program not responding" notices at the top of the page for Word. Screenshots are in order: Health Check 65 trackers, Privacy info, Space info, 3 trackers removed after running "make it better", The Analyze Google results pg 1, then Pg2, then Analyze everything but Google results Pg1, then Pg3, then re-ran the Health Check - now showing 62 trackers CCLeaner Results 2-27-2021.pdf
  4. Ended both, ran cleaner, same result. 60 remaining. I have zero live tiles on start menu. I use Norton and have forever, I use CCleaner, I use Duckduckgo, haven't watched netflix in a year or more - or any other streaming service, kids don't play games on this laptop, no FB, Twit, etc.
  5. And, yes, I read the link on tracking files. It is intersting to me that when I first downloaded CCleaner, it removed all trackers. Then, over time - probably 3 or 4 months?, the Trackers remaining began to slowly build up and be resistent to cleaning. In other words, the number of trackers remaining has never gone down, it has always gone up. Today, there were 64 trackers, only 4 were removed and 60 remain.
  6. The PC Repair didn't show anything internet related except that I evidently gave it access to my saved passwords, which is kind of scary. here's what show for Startup
  7. Great, thanks. I'll give it a go when I get back to the office and advise.
  8. When I run cleaner the chrome is Not in the advanced report as cleaned
  9. Google crash handler and Google crash handler (32bit) are the only things running. 0.1mb and 0.2mb. Custom clean shows 60 files and 0KB
  10. here are all the screen's screenshots, for overkill. CCleaner Issues 2-22-21.docx
  11. How do I get all the trackers removed? When I first started using CCleaner a while back, all trackers were removed. Now (it has built over time, so that maybe only 1 or 2 get removed) there 59 trackers still remaining that will not get removed when I click "make it better"..
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