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  1. I was not aware of Windows writing System Volume Information whenever a USB drive is plugged in. What if the USB is never unplugged and the computer never shutdown? BTW, my statement comes from 52 years experience with IBM VSE and VM operating systems where nothing is ever written to a data disk unless it is intentional.
  2. I strongly disagree in the case of an external hard drive that is read-only. The scan results would be the same today as yesterday and 5 years from now. My first scan of a 4TB drive took 11 hours using the free version. I attempted to recover 1 file (to another drive) and got a message "Device not ready". My only option was to start the 11 hour scan again. Same thing. I decided to buy the Pro version and then I had to do the 11 hour scan again. I started a recovery to another 4TB drive and minimized Recuva. There was a message about a duplicate file name and I could not maximize Re
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