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  1. Thanks Andavari - since doing the things advised on this forum I now have 32 gb free - there 30gb hidden in apps somewhere as the app file reports 32gb size but manually adding up all the individual apps doesnt come to much more than 1gb
  2. Weirdly I switched the machine on this morning after being shutdown since Saturday and straightaway there’s only 12gb free???
  3. So as I’ve put One Drive on D HDD do you think that windows still writes to the SSD first before transferring to D drive and leaves like shadow files (my term) that fill the SSD anyway?
  4. Will do that - some great help here
  5. Thanks Augeas, Andavari advised the same
  6. Thanks Andavari, I’ll try that on Monday when back at work - although I think I might have already done it last week - I know what you mean 128gb ssd is small but it also has 1tb Hard drive
  7. Hi Augeas - yes I had a C SSD scan with recuvva and its plain that after moving One Drive to D HDD all the old One drive file are still duplicated in the SSD drive - there are thousands of files from a few kb thru to 50mb and up to 1.4gb - I dont know how to get rid of those because they dont show up in file explorer
  8. I think that might be happening but I dont know how to varify that - I'll look on the link you supplied - thanks
  9. Ok Hazelnut, I had a look at the C drive (SSD) using Treesize, obviously Windows OS occuopies 23gb - but the main cuprit that you cant see thru explorer is the System Volume info and then theres the Programme data. Strangely, after running Treebite to view the drive content the available space is now 16gb?? Previously the Storage Sense (system restore) was set to 99% so I reduced it to 25% perhaps that made a difference anyway you can see the snip of the C drive contents and if it stays at 16gb free then I'll be happy Cheers
  10. yes thanks Augeas I am right clicking explorer, selecting properties etc
  11. HazleNut - Thanks - I'll give that a go
  12. Thanks Augeas - What's TRIM is it a windows app or part of CC Cleaner? I did use CC analyze to look at and delete temp files but they only amounted to a few hundred mb
  13. Hello Anyone know why the C: SSD 120gb drive on my Dell inspiron 3000 is full and I can find no large files that would fill it. I moved one drive files to the 1tb D drive that had 41GB size but that only reduced the SSD total by 3.5GB and it quickly filled up again in one day can CCcleaner deal with this - is there anything I can do to increase space in the SSD drive
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