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  1. Many thanks, Andavari, Thats' just what was needed, Jon
  2. CC does a great job cleaning Firefox and I am wondering if, in a future release, it will be able to clean Thunderbirds' log files as well ? As it is now, about once a month, I have to go into C/: Tbird folder and manually delete the log file which is usually around half a gig. Thanks for such a great tool, Jon
  3. What ads? As a Firefox user with Stylish and Ad Blocking Filterset P, I see very few ads anywhere. Jon
  4. Thanks for the quick reply TheFiresInTheSky. I kinda found the answer when I had some spare moments. I went to three users and just ran through a few bookmarks on each just to pick up a load of cookies. Closed FF and ran CC. It cleared the cookies from all users.So I guess we could say it does a thorough job of it. Should have thought of doing this sooner. Ain't hindsight wunnerful? Jon
  5. Thanks for the welcoming words. It's only me on the pc but I have 4 different profiles for 4 different purposes. Work, surfing, games and one strictly for FTPing stuff to web sites I maintain. The last is for experimenting with codes. Each have thier own customizations. I forgot to mention XP Home, SP-2. Thanks for any insight, Jon
  6. I have 5 users in Firefox and would like to know if CC Cleaner scans all of them or just the default user. If not, I would have to open and close each of them, one at a time, and then run the prog. Many thanks, Jon
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