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  1. nukecad - Thank you for taking the time to respond. How 'LARGE' is the drive? - Upwards of 900+GB. (Do not know exactly). Sadly, I am a Civil-Structural-Chemical guy...Is it an HDD or an SSD? (Maxtor OneTouch 4). SSD, I think...?What filesystem was/is it formatted with? - No idea...How full was it? - Used 600GB with 300+ remaining...Do not know exactly, but this is fairly accurate as I viewed it before I began the process.How fragmented was it? - (39%). The process indicated that it would take >1 day to complete. So I began the process and let it run accordingly. Came back yesterda
  2. Using Piriform Defraggler, I attempted to defragment a LARGE external drive with pretty much my entire life on it... "Some" of the items were backed up onto other drives; but not I cannot access the drive as it comes back "Disk Corrupted and Unreadable". Is there anything that can be done or am I simply screwed? Thanks...
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