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  1. It's a relief to see that was already talked about. I'm ok with that workaround as I still can use both of my software like this (and if it can be fixed it would be awesome). Thanks a lot for your answer !
  2. Thank you for your anwser ! It's been a while since I'm experiencing this (circa FF 78 - NB : I've always used CC to clean its cache). Hopefully FF 80 was running perfectly. Since FF81 and until now (FF 85), I'm still having this strange behavior. After many researches I've tried yesterday not using CC and just FF's options to clean the cache : bingo I finally don't have to clic 10 times to open Twitter. I'm using W10 20H2 up to date, CC 5.76.8269 and Kaspersky AV 21 latest version (yes I've also tried with KAV disabled, and changed W10 firewall settings...) I was always using the following checked boxes for cleaning FF (see attached file), unchecking the first third boxes solved the problem for me. I'm aware the culprit may be elsewhere, but I've also informed Mozilla about this, and I've tried everything they advised me with no success... It 'may' be some serviceworkers related problems or CC erasing some needed files, I honestly don't know. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because it may help your dev team if there's something to be investigated.
  3. Hello, I think CCleaner is doing something inappropriate to Firefox. After I clean its cache, history, cookies and compact its database, I encounter problem accessing websites : I need to clic many times on them (on the address bar or from my bookmarks) to make them load and it's driving me mad. I've tried everything on FF (add-ons, safe mode, serviceworkers, etc...) and just found out that if I don't use CCleaner and just use FF options to clean the cache, history & cookies my websites are ok to be visited once I rerun FF. So, I wanted to report it. Maybe it may lead the light on something I'm truly missing here. Best regards,
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