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  1. I started getting spammed for an Update today in Windows 10. ... Finally checked ccleaner.ini and found UpdateAuto=1 by some sort of magic. I always check for UpdateAuto=0 & UpdateCheck=0 & UpdateBackground=0 & UpdateNotify=0. There is another entry, UpdateKey=01/01/2020 01:02:03 am which seems harmless = last time it spammed me. For those who are unaware, CC secretly hides from us: CookiesToSave= ... *.avast.com|. Message to Avast: I paid real money to buy CCleaner for multiple computers and really don't like any form of spam. Since I have paid, I do get an EMAIL about once a month, notifying me of an Update, which is FINE. Getting spammed with a nag popup is NOT. Maybe for Freebie users, a popup is part of the price they pay for "free". BTW, there is nothing wrong with saving an Avast cookie as long as you disclose it to people. Hiding tracking cookies is immoral, unethgical, and ought to be illegal. Got it? Otherwise, still actively using CCleaner.
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