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  1. Thanks guys, spot on recommendations. Went and unpinned all the tiles (live or not) since I never use them. That prevents the buildup of space-eating files in wpnidm directory. All done here...
  2. When backing up my W10 account, I noticed 6200 jpg files in C:/users/<user>/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WIndows/Notifications/wpnidm. Those files consumed 89MB of data impacting backup space and time. Request you purge that directory in your next CCleaner update. AppData is a hidden folder. Reference: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/wpmidm-folder/a3bf9c67-0f62-420f-82e9-cea82395c07e Maybe there are more things that could be purged from user AppData directories too... Thanks.
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