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  1. Hi Nukecad, I told you that the double songs are on my NAS. CCcleaner ask the credentials of the NAS, and then you can start with cleaning Delete a lot of double songs, but some files remain. Do you have a solution for this problem ?? Or must i manual delete that double songs ? Regards, PeterSp
  2. Hi Support, CCCleaner Pro v5.76.8269 Win10 Pro did not clean double songs Here a example on my NAS 01 Put a Ring on My Finger.mp3 Les Paul - Put a A Ring On My Finger.mp3 the difference is only on and On 02 Fantasy.mp3 5.2MB Les Paul and Mary Ford - Fantasy.mp3 5.3MB The title is the same only 5.2MB and 5.3MB Tried several items for searching Please help to clean the double songs Regards, PeterSp
  3. Hi Support, Buy CCCleaner to clean my duplicate music files on my NAS, but can't find any duplicates. But there are many Pse help with this problem Regards. PeterSp
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