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  1. To my fellow Mac OS users, I am writing this to urge youto stop using CCleaner for Mac. This is not because it's a bad product as it's a great product in my opinion. No, this is because the team behind AVAST CCleaner could care less about its Mac OS product nor the Mac users that continue to advocate it despite the lack of courtesy or acknowledgement we receive in return. I am writing this on March 27, 2021, nearly 6 months since CCMac 1.8.30 was released back in October 2020. Since then, the CCleaner team has released 8 new updates to it's CCleaner for Windows software. Yes, despite
  2. There is definitely a problem with the latest version, as I've tried downloading and installing it at least 3 times now and it always crashes right when I try to start up. @Dave CCleaner I guarantee the majority of people that have posted about issues with your most recent update have already upgraded to BigSur 11.1. This is a small snippet of the error report, which I hope provides enough details. Please fix the issue, we'd really appreciate it! Process: CCleaner [74841] Path: /Applications/CCleaner.app/Contents/MacOS/CCleaner Identifier:
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