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  1. Thank you Did not see the 3 dots above password list. Now I can see export once 3 dots in autofill passwords is pressed. I think I am getting dense.
  2. The Registry cleaner is for advance users. This I believe. You have to have an understanding of the registry and what it does before you do anything to it. The registries primary function is to tell the applications where something is that it needs and the settings it needs to load. That said when you run registry scanner it will show which registry entries will be removed or changed and you have a choice of which ones you want to delete. Now with every windows update, application removal, application update, windows repair and any use of a security application such as virus scanners will alter the registry or leave things that are no longer used. When an application is removed windows does not always remove the registry entries. This causes the size of the registry to increase and that causes the computer to slow down some. Then you have entries that are added from updates. These updates add new registry entries but leave the old ones sometimes and this will cause flaky operation sometimes because the old entry is used and can not load the application correctly. Below is a picture of what was returned from a scan of my registry as you can see it only returned one item. This is because I will run this at least once a week. This keeps the registry cleaned out. But that does not mean I will never have a problem with an application because of the registry. What I do if that happens is to do a uninstall of that application and then run registry scanner and clean registry before reinstalling the application. This shows an issue Win7UI.exe. For some reason most likely an update removed it or moved Win7UI to a new location. Now if that application can not open something that is needed using this registry entry then this registry entry is wrong and should be removed. Removing this entry will not cause any problems that you don't already have. Another words if you already have a problem with an app this will not do anything to help with that app but it will remove the entry that if you reinstall the app might cause problems. As to backing up the registry I do save the back up but not to reinstall it but to open and view it to see the difference in an old setting and a new one if I am having some problem. If I have a problem that I have to revert back to a previous time then I will use the the restore function built into windows.
  3. I suggest adding an export of password file so, a hard copy can be made, can be imported into a different browser or to be printed out. I had been using chrome and Edge I had no problem importing the passwords into Ccleaner but now that i have been using Ccleaner a while and some of my passwords have changed I find that there is no way of updating the other browsers except to type in the password for each changed password. This is inconvenient to say the least. I have found that edge will open automatically from some sites even though Ccleaner is default. On those sites if the password has been changed from Ccleaner then you have to go back and look up that password using Ccleaner browser. There needs to be a way of updating the other browsers. The other browsers do not recognize Ccleaner's browser so have no import function.
  4. Btw I can make export from chrome, and most other browsers and import that file into excel to make a printout, But there is no export function in Ccleaner that I have found to even export to chrome or Microsoft browsers. The other browsers don't show an import function to import from Ccleaner..
  5. I have looked for an export function so I can make a printed list of my passwords. I have in the past lost all my passwords and want a printed copy to keep in my safe. If any one knows how to make a print out or a file that can be opened with excel please explain how. Thank you.
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