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  1. On 13/01/2021 at 05:35, Andavari said:

    Reverting registry changes using backup .REG files isn't always successful and simply restarting the computer can make them useless especially with things like even slight hardware changes that happen.

    Windows 10 back in April 2018 turned off the making of automatic registry backups, I manually re-enabled it because who knows if/when it could save me a bunch of headaches. Here's how to manually re-enable it (note that it's probably considered a power-user or advanced method since it details manually editing the registry itself):

    I'm now reverting to my previously adopted motto. Don't mess with the registry unless you know what you are doing.

  2. On 11/01/2021 at 01:08, Andavari said:

    I can confirm "Search Google, or whatever search engine is set to the default," and "Take Screenshot" being there since I have those.

    Restoring a registry backup is unlikely to fix Firefox since it uses its own database for its settings. You may be able to get those Firefox settings back to the way you like them by making changes in its Tools > Options.

    Thank you. I have refreshed Firefox and will set it up again to my requirements,  Note to self: don't mess with the registry.

  3. Perhaps there should be a warning about the Registry in Windows 10. I thought I was protected when I backed it up when CC suggested it.

    I was always warned not to mess with the registry unless I knew what I was doing. I should have taken note. 

    I'm going to refresh Firefox and hope that sorts the problem.  I can the add on any extensions I need. I have used CC for years and this is the first time I have had any problem.


    Edit:  I have refreshed Firefox and the menu is back to normal. I now have to change settings and add on extensions. At least I know what I'm doing and have learned a lesson about 'messing with the registry'.

  4. The menu you show is the one I had when I clicked a Tab before using Ccleaner.  I have a couple of translate Add-ons but they don't appear in the right click menu from a Tab. I access them from the address line together with Adblockplus and Email this page.  The last two don't appear on the right click menu.

    You didn't mention the backup of the Registry. Would reverting to that solve the problem or create more.


  5. 4 hours ago, nukecad said:

    Which Browser (tabs) are you talking about here?

    Just for further info:
    Which Windows 10 version are you using?
    Are you running an Antivirus other than Windows Defender?

    Hi, thanks for replying.

    Windows version 2004  OS Build 19041.685   The browser was Firefox and the tab was one of several that opened in Firefox after using Ccleaner. When I tried to reload the first tab I noticed the missing menu items on the right click menu. That was the first actiobn after running CCleaner.

    I'm not using any antivirus software except Windows Defender. 

    When I right click in this message I can only see 3 menu items:  Check spelling, Languages and Translate.  When I highlight some text and right click there are a couple of additional choices, Screenshot, Search Google (for whatever text is highlighted). 

  6. I run Ccleaner every few months and it has always been successful in clearing out dross and making my Windows 10 laptop run better until this last time. Suddenly, when I right mouse pad click on a Tab the context menu is almost empty. I went into mouse settings and changed some settings and that has restored the menu when I right click on a Tab but not in other websites like Youtube.  When I click in some websites the only items showing are Take a Screenshot and Translation options.  Can anybody tell me how to restore the menu to the one I had before I used Ccleaner.

    I backed up the Registry when it was suggested and I can restore it if that will solve the problem. I don't want to try it as I may make things worse so would be glad of help from someone who knows more than me. I just use the thing.


    Acer Aspire Windows 10 laptop

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