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  1. It works on another administrator account... Now, why? lol
  2. Nope, no widnows safe mode. I have no other account. I'm goin to create one, just to try it
  3. Just downloading a new update after disabling the insider program. Let's see if something changes!
  4. The Potentially unwanted app blocking is set on off. I did Disk Cleanup. I'm not sure of how to install the windows update before "next tuesday"... I'll do a better search (Insider program, dont know why, is not giving me any updates. And yes: no other program seemed to be affected
  5. Didnt mean to be rude, sorry . Windows 10 Pro, Versione 2004 (build SO 19041.685) Malwarebytes version, update package version 1.0.35427. I tried closing/disabling it and already added the folder and single file to exclusions of Malwarebytes.
  6. As usual I was goin to clean all the bad things I have on my computer, but every time I clicked on the Cleaning window (not the clean button) the program crashed. So I uninstalled it and well... the installation crashes everytime I click on Install. So, i tried the slim version that correctly was installed but it won't open now, just crashes (both regular and x64)! What I tried: -portable and slim version -older versions -already deleted regedit files -I have no antivirus, just windows defender sh*t -debug Edit (I have MalwareBytes, but CCleaner folder is in exclusions
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