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  1. For some reason I cannot delete the duplication of my last post. Thank you for the new suggestion. I will try this and let you know. Stay safe. Audra
  2. Thank you for your continuing help. Yes, that is a typo and the latest version of Norton is installed I disabled Norton and installed CCleaner again (first I uninstalled it.) With Norton still disabled it would not run. I could not whitelist it because CCleaner is already whitelisted. The Lang folder has 59 .dll files. The Setup folder is empty. Can you think of anything else I can try? Thanks again, Audra
  3. You asked for more information: all of our computers are using Window 10. For antivirus, we use Norton version I have tried all of your suggestions. First of all, I misspoke when I said that I had two individual computer licenses, The first I have is CCleaner Professional Plus, which is a license for 3 computers. I tried to install this on my husband's computer and it would not run. So I thought I must have been mistaken, and only had a license for one computer. Therefore I bought another license for 1 computer. (Yes, it was the Boxing Day Special.) I have since checked
  4. Thank you so much for your advice. I will try all the things you are suggesting. Happy New Year to you.
  5. Bought 2 instances of Ccleaner subscriptions Professional for two computers. First one expires 15 Dec 20212. I installed this one on my desktop computer, ran the program, and entered the license key. Everything was fine. The second one expires 26 Dec 2021. Loaded it onto my husband's desktop. There was no problem with installation (as far as I know) but the program will not run. So I can't enter the second license key. What should I do now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Audra
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