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  1. I have no idea if the page is old, but it is on CCleaners web and clicking on the link for info about Software Updater in the first web page gets me there. Of course a specialized app for updating should do a better job, but this is not ok. Awkward or not :-), but not including at least the common browsers can not be ok if it is claimed to "automatically update all your apps". I have used CCleaner for a long time, and now I was trying to get this module to work.
  2. Yes, but this is not free. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/software-updater That a payed app finds zero when a free app finds zero is not a sign that the payed app does a great job.
  3. So it is not my installation, it is a mega crappy add-on to CCleaner that might be useful in the future... Thanks for your time and great answers! Appreciated! /Mats
  4. Normally I do as you and update the apps myself, but a remainder can be great to have, and CCleaner should be just that. The big question for me is, Is there something wrong with my installation as it only show two apps (updated or not)?
  5. Thanks for the warning about updating via Health Check! In the description about the new Software Updater this can be read: ********************************************** Outdated software is a security risk Vulnerabilities in old software make your computer more open to attackers. CCleaner can automatically update all your apps, closing the holes in your PC's defenses. ********************************************** Two out of 30-40 is not close. What are the "normal" number of apps in Updater? (I know there is no "normal" PC installation, but I think y
  6. Thanks for your quick answers! What can I do to make this useful? I find it very odd if Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop, MS Office, Skype, Spotify and so on, not are checked for update. In my PC they are not. Only two programs ...
  7. I do not know if this is the same problem, but I only have two programs in "Updated" (VLC and Adobe Digital Editions) and none that need updating. Should not almost, or all program show in one of the lists? I use Pro edition, and have restarted PC and also reinstalled CCleaner, but only those two program show up. Several Topaz, several Adobe and several browsers, are not they included in the database?
  8. No, no error, just to few programs in the list for update/no update. Sorry for the confusion!
  9. VLC and Adobe Digital Editions (only two programs) in updated, empty in the other. (I know that some of my Topaz need updating. Not listed here, but shows under Uninstall) Installed free CCleaner today, and updated to Pro a little later.
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