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  1. Thanks for the replies. There are some files that even batch files with admin rights will not touch. Just took me about 3 hours to finally get rid of some Flash app files that apparently had only TrustedInstaller permissions. Finally found an app here {link removed} that allowed me to delete the protected files. Is there a setting in CC that will notify when CC was NOT able to delete a file? Thanks
  2. Just ran CC from the recycle bin menu, and it is now cleaning those folders.
  3. Now it seems to be working... That's weird. The only other settings I messed with was that I tried to check the INI box, which it would not let me showing some permission error. Then I unchecked the User Account Control, did Run CC, got warning, gave permission, then went back to these settings and checked the User Account Control box again. And when going back to these settings, I see the INI box is now checked. Could someone please confirm that when I Run CC from the recycle bin menu, that run should include to custom cleaning options / included files and folders? Thanks
  4. Yes, just edited the top post. Sorry forgot to mention that. It has always been checked and still is. Thanks
  5. When I click on Run CCleaner either in the recycle bin menu or the custom clean window, the folders defined within Options ' Include do not get emptied. ...\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData\ for example is never emptied. Selected are "drive or folder" and "all files" Latest version of CCleaner on win 10 64bit What am I missing? edit: Also, under Custom CLean, Windows tab, Advanced, I do have Custom Files and Folders checked.
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