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  1. Hi All, I just upgraded to the newest version. Since I upgraded smart cleaning after closing broser seems to do nothing anymoe. i am running the paid version Lee
  2. Good morning Michael, > But anyway, the problem fortunately no longer occurs. That is incorrect. The problems still occurs. But it seems ccleaner is not the culprit.
  3. I decided to test all the options mentioned in the posts above (custom clean, registry clean, network password, health check) Did them all and rebooted in-between but to my surprise could not replicate the problem. The password gets deleted a couple of limes a week and I assumed it was ccleaner. But now it seems it might not be ccleaner afterall.
  4. Good morning Powered. Thanks for your assistance I will try unticking the box and see what happens. > (I'll keep my files local on my hard drives, not in the cloud where they could be more easily hacked). Carrying hardrives around 24/7. Connecting them to a phone, laptop, tablet and other peoples computer systems is of course technically quite difficult and in my humble opinion a lot more unsafe way of working. > Are you using the registry cleaner section of CCleaner? Yes, most of the time. > Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? Yes, but most
  5. Thanks Michael. Merry Christmas !!! Yes I have, is this the reason the Onedrive password is deleted ? When logged into Onedrive and choosing the Ccleaner option Analyze Network Passwords the result is 0 Bytes To Be Removed. Doesn't that indicate there is nothing to be deleted ?
  6. Good afternoon all, What setting in Ccleaner Professional should I change in order to prevent need to re-enter the Onedrive password for the desktop program of Onedrive ? Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho Lee
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