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  1. Oddly enough, I found two workarounds that worked for me. 1st, Disable "Advanced Security" in my Eero router firewall. This is not my favorite, as I don't like disabling security to make a product work. Noted the domain names/IP addresses that ccleaner64 communicates with, but they seem to be connecting to a range, or at lease a few different remote endpoints. Having the list of domains to whitelist, this would be better. 2nd, Connect to VPN. When I connected to my PIA VPN, ccleaner was able to connect. This is the workaround that I will likely use until ccleaner provides a list of domains that need to be allowed.
  2. I too am seeing this issue. I had let me subscription lapse, and just decided to renew. I installed the current PRO version, 5.75.8238, and activated my new license. I see the same "you are offline" errors both for security in health check, and also in Tools>Software Updater. This is upsetting because the Software Updater was the driving factor for my renewal. Any ideas here? I tried disabling my AV and Firewall, and added healthcheck.ccleaner.com as specifically allowed on my Router firewall. It seems like it is being blocked, so it would be really helpful to know exactly what endpoints ccleaner is trying to reach out to.
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