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  1. Thanks for the kind words Hazel. I gave my thread the divorce title because that's what it kind of feels like after so long - I've got this kind of guilty, nostalgic, sad feeling. And I agree with you as far as everything has to change - it's the only constant we can depend on as humans I suppose. I guess I'm still sour about the whole idea of 'Windows as a service', which is Microsoft's goto response for justifying forcing people to participate in automatic updates. Automatic update just has a really bad connotation with me, so when I see CCleaner start spamming me automatic update notif
  2. This is a sad moment. I have been using Piriform's products, mostly CCleaner and Defraggler, for well over a decade now, and have been a huge supporter of these applications over the years. Like many of you, I like to run a tight ship. I can't stand bloatware, adware, crapware, automatic updates, and in general anything that takes over your computer without your explicit consent (or anything with the words Norton or McAfee in the title). I like my computer to be just as fast and snappy on day 720 as it was on day 1. So imagine my dismay when I recently went to install the new version
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