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  1. I still havent recieved my cashback. Surely i should of had it by now?
  2. Totally understandable. As long as i havent done anything incorrectly im more than happy to wait the full 30days. I feel like ive been heard and that i have something to point to should it take any longer than the stated time. Many thanks Dave.
  3. Hi, thanks for your response. Im aware of the terms and conditions. However, i posted because of the second link you shared. It states "Cashback processing is usually pretty quick if you have paid using a credit card in one of our top currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, etc) since those can be batch processed automatically. Bank transfers and currencies for which we don't have standard price lists (SGD, COP, etc) have to be done by hand and take a bit longer." I paid with my UK bankcard in GBP and i have still not recieved the refund. Im aware i am still within the 30 days, however it states tha
  4. Hi, i purchased as part of black friday and am waiting for my cashback. I filled in the online form exactly as it asked. I purchased on 29/11 and redeemed on 29/11 (allowing 24hrs) and i have still recieved nothing. Most people on the forums say the cashback is pretty quick. I have had no email confirmation that the code worked but when i try to use the code again im told it has been used. How long will the cashback take? Ill be satisfied if i can just be told that it has been done correctly.
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