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  1. Hi,I Can't get the 'Downloader' Tabs To Show Above youtube videos (To download them) After all the usual checks... :( *It's Just Disappeared over a period of time... :( (I'm an OAP who is Severely mentally impaired).... :( Many thanks, Chris
  2. Hi, I Uninstalled the old Ccleaner Browser as instructed on Win10 & re-installed it Also as instructed,(without my old google vpn programme) & ALL the other Ccleaner browser programmes appear to be there - - 'Adblocker',etc,etc Incl Downloader on the 'More Tools' page... - Except its Still Not on youtube page,etc (the blue tabs) - even though its switched on on the 'More Tools' page... *Can anyone help me,asap?,Please?... Chris
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