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  1. The issue I for which originally posted the message here is being handled by the pro support team member, Chris, and we are taking steps to determine what caused the crash. I believe it to be a problem with my installation of CCleaner and NOT CCleaner itself. That said, once Chris and I determine the problem and resolve it, I will of course download and install the 5.75 version and report back in either case.
  2. Apologies for what was correctly characterized as a "childish profane rant". Thank you for the hints. Info suggested above as well as first two .dmp files provided to pay support email portal Tuesday with CONFIRMATION but no response as yet. Happy to work with any humans requesting additional info.
  3. Well, apparently this is NOT where the service techs provide advice! I pay an annual fee for their suite of apps and the main one starts gagging and is rendered useless and f*** all support here. [childish rant with additional profanities removed]
  4. Recently CCleaner has been crashing. System, license, and crash messages attached. Obliged for a response. William Phinizy
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