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  1. Be careful , people in this forum secretly change the text you write !!!
  2. I cleaned up the registry myself and now it is gone. Thanks for the help Nukecad
  3. Hi Nukead, Thanks for all the additional information > Ah, so CCleaner hasn't installed Mailwasher, > it's simply now finding it as something to be cleaned. Was never installed. So when cclenaer finds it I assume it installed it as well. > It may well be that it's a new detection in CCleaner, ie. > Mailwasher was always on your machine but being ignored by CCleaner before? > There were some changes to detections made with the v5.74 updtate. Only after the latest ccleaner update it popped up. > Is CCleaner actually finding anything in Mailwa
  4. Wow, great deal. Offer I got is 1 PC 1 Year for Euro 19,95 How do I get the offer you got ?
  5. Hi Nukecad, thanks for the response. No idea where I download ccleaner from. I always use the option within ccleaner. So I assume it is from the ccleaner servers. Mailwasherpro is listed in the Custom Clean > Applications > Internet section, but nowhere can I find a way to remove it
  6. Looks like ccleaner has installed mailwasherpro on my system. But I seem unable to get rid of it , it is not listed at add/remove programs in Windows10 Pleas advice Thanks
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