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  1. No, they are all about the same. If the checked boxes were as dark as they are in the posted screen shot that would help a lot, but they're not. I'm puzzled as to why the screen shot looks so different than my monitor?? Might have to check the contrast settings, but I don't want to screw up all the other places / programs because of this one
  2. Thanks for trying to help But IMO, I shouldn't have to change the scaling for one program. That would make all the others too large
  3. Here's a screen shot, If the fonts were as dark as they appear below in the second column, it would help a bunch but they are real light colored similar to the unchecked options. I will check on my laptop to see if it is the same and report back in a bit. Googling as well as checking this forum, reveals the issue shows that it has been around before. Thanks for trying to help
  4. The strange part is I just recently started having the same issue. Not only are they small but the color (light blue or grey) doesn't help a bit. Looking around for solutions I came across this post. It would appear that Piriform isn't listening or does not care about it's existing customers. Something to remember at renewal time Ironically their main website , subscription and payment pages are quite easy to read
  5. Recently, Like with the last couple of days, the font color and size appear to have changed on my CCleaner dashboard / window. Between the very light blue/grey color and size the are almost unreadable. I noticed this after the most recent update was installed. Any help or suggestions on correcting this ? Thanks
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